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Flight Support is a complex process which requires an integrated approach for the solution of problems that evolve through all stages of a project. Involved tasks of flight support may include the finding of flight routes, obtaining parking, landing and over flying permissions but may also involve tasks that take place on the ground such as booking of hotels, transportation, catering, fueling arrangements and coordination with other ground services such as aircraft handling.

Our company cooperates with lots of airlines and air charter operators worldwide, having agreements with various service providers and the corresponding airports themselves.

As a result, our experience and professional partnership help us to solve any issue related to the service “Flight Support”.
Besides that, you can take an integrated service, as well as a separate stage of support process.

Our company complies with all necessary for flight regulations and is a certified full ground handling organization with the certificate of conformity certified by FATA (Federal Air Transport Agency).

If you intend to operate a charter, commercial or private flight we are happy to support you and assist with full ground handling. Get in touch with us by sending us all necessary details such as date of flight, routing and schedule and all requested services you need.

Our well qualified staff will perform all necessary tasks and calculations based on given routing and our dispatchers will obtain all required permissions from Civil Aviation Authorities in shortest time possible to ensure a smooth operation.

We will also assist your crew and aircraft and will provide all necessary flight documents including weather forecasts (TAF/METAR), wind charts, NOTAMS and a full flight briefing.

Your aircraft will be handled at the airport in minimum terms. Our supervisor will be close to your crew and will assist them to solve all operational issues at the airport that may arise.

In case your flight is scheduled to operate in the off hours of an airport we do our very best to arrange longer operational hours.

Your crew will be placed in a comfortable hotel for recreation and rest and obviously we will also arrange transportation for your crew at your discretion.

We can also take care of your catering request. Catering assortment provided by our company varies from usual economy class catering and catering for crew up to premium 1st class catering.

For the most demanding clients we are ready to arrange and request catering in the smartest restaurants of the city. Our VIP catering allows your passengers to enjoy the taste of their favorite dishes on-board from their restaurant of choice.

Our company is happy to assist with arranging flight support for special flights such as dangerous cargo on air transport (aircraft, helicopter) and obtain permission through the Diplomatic Channel from the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.