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Ground handling is an integral part with domestic or international flight operation. Exact compliance of aircraft schedule as well as operational costs is directly depended on qualified organization of ground handling.

Our company has direct agreements with many airports and handling agents. It allows to reduce costs for aircraft handling services and to increase the quality of performing services.

We are happy to provide you with different types of services at the highest quality at acceptable prices. Besides standard full ground handling services such as airport services organization and pre-payment for airport and navigation fees such as departure, landing, over flying and parking costs we are ready to perform any other requested types of services such as transfer and hotel accommodation for the crew (we will offer you several variants of crew accommodation and you can choose the most suitable based on your requirements).

One of the most important documents while providing ground handling services is the Standard Ground Handling Agreement (SGHA). Signing the present agreement has a great importance for the operator and service provider. Thereby this agreement has to be carefully examined by the operator before signing.

At the initial stage of cooperation aim of the agreement is to determine the value and list of services provided with the handling company. In the Annex as codes of operations there are noted services included into the SGHA of the aircraft. There are also noted periods and terms of ground handling, in addition there is a point which determinates level of quality for ground handling.

It is important to note the list of services required for an airline and also determine periods and quality of performing services in advance to avoid troubles with service provider.

These are the most important acts for signing the SGHA.