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Organizational Flight Support - the main process for implementation of flight activity for any airline. Our staff offers you to take care of Organizational Flight Support. In others words, “Avia Business Group” offers you to transfer all responsibilities needed to organize Flight Support onto well-qualified and strong team’s shoulders. Organization of Flight Support is time-consuming and a strong element of the whole Flight Support system. Related to that please have a look through the main terms:

Definitely, a main and important step of charter and private flight operations is Flight Support. At this stage we will talk a little bit about the organization of this process. For the beginning let us determine who can follow the organization of flight support. In case of an airline this issue can be done by a Flight Control Centre or special organizational Flight Support Services. But not only airlines can attend these items. These items can be issued also by third party companies, which have accreditation and certification by local Aviation Authorities. Usually, such companies assume the greater part of all Flight Support issues. Let us speak about them. The stage of forming a request from an airline to Flight Support Company starts from application forming, even from completing standard forms comprising all required services. The applicant should also provide inputs as:
- Date of flight
- Name of the airline
- Type of A/C (including MTOW)
- Registration number
- Flight number
- Flight schedule (Times are usually in UTC)
- List of requested services

After having received those data inputs from the airline the Flight Support Team creates a new folder which contains the original request. During the request processing and query copies of telegrams and letters with permission numbers, slots confirmations, confirmation of handling services and uplift will be added and kept. With the help of aeronautical planning software and charts the Flight Support Staff analyzes the necessity of en-route over flying permits; also clears the query order for obtaining landing permission at the airport of destination, referring to information published in the AIP.

Based on the queries, the dispatcher sends applications for en-route over flight permits and landing permission (to CAA of the respective country where the destination airport is situated) providing all necessary information. An important point is that the company which is engaged in the flight support process must have a full set of documents concerning the aircraft and the airline itself. Usually after having received the application, the CAA requests a full set of documents as:
- AOC (Air Operator Certificate)
- Airworthiness Certificate
- Insurance Certificates
- Noise Certificates
- Certificates for TCAS and RVSM equipment

After having received all the required documents, the CAA issues over flying and landing permits for the destination airport the operator.

The authorization issued by the CAA can be numbered (to contain numbers and Latin letters) or be non-numeral. They will send a SITA or AFS telegram that they grant this flight operation.

These telegrams will be stored in the folder, and as a result full briefing for airline is formed with indication all permission en-route and contacts of service providers and fuel companies.

Work of flight support start is not finished after sending full briefing to the airline. You can follow this information here:
As you see, the process of flight support organization is rather time – consuming. That’s why our company offers you to take care all over this process.