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Tracking the aircraft during flight operation

“Avia Business Group” offer its clients the highest quality of performing services and full flight control 24 hours per day. Our Flight Support staff will control all stages of flight operation and will inform all companies involved in handling process on time. We would like to tell you in few words “how it works”:
In this section we’ll speak about how our dispatch managers of flight support work. This stage means full control for the aircraft’s movement from an airport of departure to the airport of destination.
However, we are dependent of important information we receive from crew and airline staff who inform our dispatch managers about aircraft location, possible delays, technical problems and actual time of aircraft departure. This information is very important for coordination of airport staff and service providing at the airport of destination. Flight control centre sends a formalized telegram to our flight support services manager after aircraft departure where the actual time of departure, actual and commercial load and estimate time of arrival to the airport of destination will be noted. Manager of flight support services sends this information to the airport of destination and to services and fuel providers.
The handling service provider sends the same telegram with the actual time of arrival of the aircraft after landing at the airport of destination. The manager of flight support services informs the flight control centre of the airline about the actual time of the aircraft arrival.

At the same time we will follow the flight with the help of computer software and inform all corresponding parties of possible en route delays and the status of the flight. One of these tools is the CFMU interface by Eurocontrol.

With the help of this program we can monitor the aircraft at any given time – as long the aircraft is using the Eurocontrol airspace.